• Defensive Driving


Defensive driving is not a question of driving faster than other drivers, but it is the tireless pursuit of excellence in driving skills.

Profile of a Defensive Driver…


  • Defensive Driving is identifying the mistakes you often make: aiming to reduce, and eventually to eliminate them.
  • Defensive Drivers make fewer errors than others – one simple error can kill a coach load of people if it was committed at the wrong time.
  • Defensive Driving is not about being better than everyone else, but it is about being better than you were.
  • Passing a Defensive driving test whilst on your best driving behaviour is no good if you do not maintain that standard in your normal day-to-day driving..
  • A Defensive Driver never stops learning.
  • A Defensive Driver is continually looking for opportunities to improve.
  • A Defensive Driver uses his skill to keep out of trouble not to get out of trouble.
  • A Defensive Driver would prefer to be late in this world than arrive early into the next one.
  • The best drivers are those who actively improve all their skills.
  • A Defensive Driver shows courtesy, consideration and respect for others on the road


          How do you gain Defensive Driving Skills?

  • Always take the correct position – follow your safety line.
  • Keep the correct speed to match your safe following distance.  ‘Only a fool breaks the two-second rule’.
  • Look as far ahead as you can in order to plan your driving effectively.
  • Use your mirrors to constantly update where other drivers are in the road around you.
  • Signal correctly your intentions to inform other drivers.
  • Change your position only when you are sure it is safe.
  • Decelerate or brake only once for each hazard.
  • Change gear only once for each hazard - skipping gears, is acceptable where necessary.
  • When the road is clear, accelerate away from the hazard.
  • Expect the unexpected always and make allowances for the mistakes of others.
  • Anticipate the worst;  and, by concentrating, always to drive at your best standard.

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