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professor Peter RussellThe Institute of DRIVER EDUCATION & RESEARCH was officially launched at the ADI-NJC’s 31st  ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE, held on Sunday 2nd October, 2011, to coincide with the publication of Professor Peter Russell's SET OF FOUR new Instructor Training BOOKS: collectively entitled “TRAINING, COACHING, THINKING, DRIVING”.  

At the launch we enrolled 12 Members, Fellows and Graduates. Quite a number of eminent ADIs in the audience expressed their interest in joining.  More mnrolments are anticipated soon.

Over 200 individual ADIs were present, although many of them were also acting as delegates, representing their own local Associations, and reporting back to them.
Each Delegate was given a copy of Book One (The Use & Abuse of Dual Controls) at the end of the programme, together with information how to get further free copies for their groups.


Delegates were told how to access this  i.d.e.r.  web-site and how to download personalDAve Foster being presented with his membership certificate copies of the rest of Peter Russell’s latest Instructor Training Series of books, which move on from Dual Controls to the current trends towards Coaching and Mentoring as more client-centred Learning Practices.

For the benefit of those who attended, and are idly curious about whether they could benefit. We can tell you now, that we advised a good few of your fellow delegates, yesterday including Kathy Higgins and John Farlam, plus the likes of Monika D’agde, Jill Wilson,  Russell Jones, John Neilson, Neil Peek, etc;  and naturally show that their Prior Work-based Business experience and acumen would more than satisfy the needs of any Work-Based Dr Sarah FoxDegree programme.  And as they saw at the launch, AGE can never be a barrier to gaining academic recognition.

Further details of Membership are available on the Membership page or from the IDER office with the appropriate fee payable to D.E.R.F.

Book One (“The USE & ABUSE of Dual Controls and Teaching Methods” was issued FREE to all ADIs at the Conference. Books Two And Three are downloadable from this web site.

Although Book Four is also available, a version which can be downloaded and personalised in your own ADI or Driving School name PLUS your Pupil’s names At a One-off fee of £35.00 for a Licensed copy.

LATEST NEWS RELEASE 4th October 2011
An equally important opportunity is shown on the website; a Price List of all IDER branded items ranging from ider neckties and other badged clothing; to Name Badges, Business Cards and stationary items

The Offer of Membership is open to all Graduate ADIs with University Qualifications in Driver Education; and also to all A.D.I.s who hope or intend to take University Degrees or Diplomas in Driving Instruction as part of their ultimate C.P.D.

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