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Unique visit to UK’s GRADUATE ADIs’ Institute by the world’s largest Driver Training Company
MATUSI SUZUKI (India) visit the only world’s Institute for Graduate Driving Instructors (www.ider, for talks and interchange of ideas. 
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Mahesh Rajoria;  Mathur Ashish;  Hena Kausar;    Professor Peter RUSSELL
General Manager MS      Manager DTS       Maruti Suzuki Secretariat       President   I.D.E.R.

Visitors from New Delhi, INDIA, from the MARUTI SUZUKI Driver Training Organisation. The first picture, at the home of the I.D.E.R. President, Professor Russell, was taken at an initial meeting in Southampton held on 25th August 2014.
The visit was the culmination of a whole sequence of correspondence between the two organisations (IDER & SUZUKI) over the past four years.  Ms Hena Kausar was originally asked by Maruti Suzuki to research and structure driver training programmes for the whole SUZUKI (India) Republic.  MARUTI SUZUKI caters for the whole Indian sub-continent regarding driver licensing, training and testing for a population of over one billion people. It is thought that many of them will never gain a driving licence: however the estimated total population in India amounts to more than 1.22 billion (1,224,000,000) people. India currently has the second-largest population in the world and is projected to overtake top-ranking China within forty years.  The combined population of India (with China) is more than 40% of the total world’s inhabitants.   Road safety plays a very low priority in a land where even humble cattle can take priority in traffic control hierarchy. 
The Southampton discussions continued much of the work already conducted by Professor Russell previously covered all aspects of UK driver training and testing. However, Professor Russell was able to make a comprehensive presentation (with marking system hand-outs) of the two ends of the car driving spectrum:  the basic L  test and the ultimate ADI’s test – the Cardington Special Driving Test.  Fortunately, IDER was also able to demonstrate both of these tests in practice, and illustrate the two different and distinct marking systems for them through the good offices of Anthony Wharton.  As an ADI and experienced ADI Trainer, Anthony has the distinction of being the most recent successful candidate of the Cardington Special Test; and was able to demonstrate their unique marking system in high personal detail. Professor Russell was able to confirm that the extremely high standards originally prepared by him in 1977 are still in use by Cardington training and testing staff.

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Mahesh Rajoria;   Mathur Ashish;  &                  Anthony Wharton ADI & (IDER
 General Manager & Manager  DTS      -   Practical demonstrator 25-08-14)


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